Pharmacy and Social skills

If you’re a pharmacist working in an independent, your gonna have to up your social skills game.

A big reason why people will choose an independent pharmacy over a big-chain pharmacy is because independents can,

– *take their time* and actually talk to their customers/patients.
-They can do delivery.
-They can offer other services like immunizations, having coffee ready, etc.

Or in other words, their service is more personal.

You’ll get/retain more patients at your independent if you take the time to talk to your patients.

Just saying “hello, how are you” and remembering people’s names can make a huge difference in someone’s day.

When I was Uber-ing, I took the job as an opportunity to practice talking to people I didn’t know – and many times, I got big tips at the end of their ride.

When you’re out at the grocery store, take some time to chat up the person that works the register, and get used to talking and leading a conversation.

With the pharmacy saturation, you’re gonna have to stand out somehow, and having social skills is an essential tool you want to have in your arsenal!


I finally found a pharmacy job!

After 8 months of unemployment, I found a job at a pharmacy.

In addition, I’ve decided to keep my dancing job as a side hustle in case something horrible happens in the future.

With that being said, here are my tips I’ve learned these past 8 months:

1. Faith and Family is everything. They are your safe haven. If you have family never neglect them. When things get tough they’ll protect you.

2. Develop some skills unrelated to pharmacy. That way, if pharmacy crashes down the road you have something to fall back on just in case. Never think any job is beneath you. I believe all the side jobs I’ve done will help me be a better pharmacist and may even help me transition out of pharmacy if needed down the road. Some jobs I’ve done:




-Dance teaching

I will continue writing and dance teaching in the coming years.


Biggest mistake for me was not having money saved up so I had to rely on my parents a lot.

Save at least 3-6 months worth of living before putting money into debts and other expenses

We all need to prepare for worst case scenarios in the coming decade

4. During tough times some friends will disappear. Some friends will reach out. Take notes on the ones that reach out. They are your angels

5. Beware of leases and contracts. I resigned a 1 year lease in November and lost my job in February. The leasing office told me I had to pay off the lease despite not having a job nor any unemployment money.

6. Don’t lower your standards. I was offered a pharmacy job at $21/hr… I turned it down because I knew deep down inside I deserved better. Now I have a job that pays me $55/hr….with bonuses 🙂

7. Stay strong and be patient. Unemployment’s tough but there are ways to make it an opportunity to better yourself. Reach out to me if you need some help.

And yes,

I will keep writing on here 🙂

A New Hope

My younger brother told me this last night,

“There’s no hope left.”

He then told me, “goodnight” and hung up the phone.

Sitting there in silence, it literally crushed me…

So here’s my random thought:

Be the hope for others, don’t let people give up on themselves and don’t give up on them either.

For hope is the only thing that keeps us moving forward.

The Gift

One time when I was a baby,

My mom was cooking in the kitchen. It was a hot summer day. And she said out loud, “it’s so hot today!”

A couple minutes later, she felt cool air blow behind her back. She turned around and saw an electric fan. That was weird she thought, because the fan was upstairs! 

Then she realized something:

I, her little baby, recognized she was hot, went up the stairs to grab the fan and brought it down to her. She was shocked because… I was just a baby. Most babies are in their own world, playing with toys and such.

My gift has always been seeing what’s going on in the world around me and doing what needed to be done. It came naturally.

Everyone has these gifts since they were young, we just fail to recognize them as time passes by.

There’s a purpose in everything

You feel lonely so you force yourself to go outside.

You’re bored at work so you secretly read a stack of papers of stuff you’re interested in.

You lack purpose after work so you take up some class to learn a new skill.

Everything happens for a reason.

It all comes back full circle to help you down the road when times get tough.

You’ve honed skills whether you realize it or not. You have valuable assets that can help serve the world.

Don’t ever discount the small stuff.

Even if it’s just some crumbs of ramen near your bedroom floor.

It starts with just one.

One review.

One testimonial.

DO that one thing, NOW.

Put all your focus on getting that just one…

Don’t focus too much on the money. Just getting one in.

After getting one positive review… The hardest part is over.

You’ll get another,

Then another,

And on and on and on.

Think of it as if you’re slowly growing your assets over time.

Sure, you may not be seeing too much wealth now, but stay consistent and keep the faith!!!

Good things will come.

Heh, sorry guys!!!

Haven’t posted in SO long.

But I’ve had some MAJOR changes. Two, actually.

One being that I’m no longer walking Tibby ;(

Wanna hear the next?


So I’m Ubering, Freelancer Writing, and…


Who would have thought a former PHARMACIST, PHARM D, would be doing all this, huh?

Well, sometimes you gotta adapt to your environment 🙂

More updates to come.

Bouncing Back From a Funk

So I haven’t posted in a while because of the Amazon Scam that got to me a couple weeks ago.

Some lessons I’ve learned:

-Double check large checks, best not to be taken
-Do background checks (your OWN research) to make sure the people you’re working for are legitimate
-Be prepared to get nothing in return after reporting a scam (Amazon customer service was terrrrrrible)
-Anything that has money involved – S L O W D O W N

It was an expensive lesson, but one learned regardless.

I nearly got punked! Amazon Gift Card Scam

So I got in contact with some old dude that needed someone to look after his puppy “Chester.”

He said he was planning on flying into the state in the coming weekend and he wanted me to run some errands for him. (Sure why not $350/week of course)

First, he sent over a $2000 check.

He had a personal accountant get in contact with me, instructing me what to do.

First, using the $2000 check, I had to go to Petco to buy some expensive Dog Supplies.

Next, the accountant asked to send over $1300 via CASHAPP. I was thinking hmm… Why is an accountant using CASHAPP, that’s kinda weird.. Fortunately, it didn’t go through so the accountant had me execute PLAN B

…I had to go to a convenient store to buy Amazon gift cards – $1300 worth. The accountant told me that she was gonna use her Amazon account to order some items for this old man.

I didn’t think much of it until she had me go back and buy more Amazon gift cards…$300 worth.

Then the next morning she requested $200 MORE in Amazon gift cards. WTF!?

That’s when something went off in my head that something was OFF.

After investigating everything on my own I realized this whole thing was a SCAM:

–The check was fake
–The Old Man/His Dog profile/This accountant was fake
–The Amazon gift cards were used to steal money

I immediately called my banks, I called amazon, I returned the dog supplies.

Man, looking back I was stupid for even accepting the $2000 check…

…But all in all an important lesson was learned – don’t give your trust away too quickly.

Accountability: When will-power and motivation isn’t enough

When it comes to working towards your goals…

Sometimes, will power is not enough.

Sometimes, inspiration is not enough.

You can wake up and watch all the youtube videos with hardcore guys climbing mount Everest and Morgan Freeman’s voice in the background,

But even with that, sometimes it’s simply not enough.

What can you do?

Put some pressure on yourself via Accountability.

For example,

A friend of mine wants to go on a Trip to New York next month.

I need an extra $600 dollars to make this trip happen.

I told my friend, I had to make an extra $20/day off Uber to accomplish this and I requested he reach out to the end of every week to see if I’ve been doing this.

I also remember a while back,

A friend tried to quit porn… He accomplished this by utilizing a tracking website that sent emails to me lol.


Sometimes we can’t do everything alone, use your network and friends to propel you forward!!